Why A Plan

Why we need a plan

Surely the national statistics collected by scholars for over 30 years now concerning life outcomes for African American males in comparison to other racial and gender groups looking chiefly at homicide, incarceration, life expectancy, college going rate, and infant mortality rates in which we find that African American males have been and are not only at the bottom of these indicators but that they also outdistanced their counterparts by dramatic and devastating measurements, are reasons enough, coupled with systematic racism, to demonstrate why we need a plan.

Beyond this however, while the Plans we construct for/with African American boys and men must account for the aforementioned, our plans cannot be based solely on it or reaction to these factors alone (see African American Male Theory). The foundation and impetus of our plans must arise out of the collective consciousness, ontology, sovereignty, authority, and self-determination of African peoples which were firmly in place and in practice well before racism, oppression, Jim Crow, racial profiling and like. To this end and in the tradition of the best of our ancestors, African American boys must make plans for today, tomorrow, and eternity.