The Plan Book and Workbook

Both the book and workbook are written and designed with the intention that they will be utilized throughout the developmental stages of your son’s life, that is, from the prenatal stage through college. You will need a workbook for each son that you have and it should have a highly visible and constant presence in their lives. In other words, be clear with your son that you too HAVE A PLAN for raising and preparing him!


“THE PLAN” will help you think about: How should you prepare to have a son? Does the food you eat, music you listen to, and people you hang around affect your son while you are pregnant? Is your son’s name important? Can a single mother raise a boy into a man? What does our history tell us about Black mother/son relationships? Do you really need a parenting plan? Should your son fear you? Should you spank your son? Should you allow your son to cry? Should you allow your son to grow long hair or to have an earring (or earrings)? What should you expect from the public school system? How do you approach school so that your son gets what he needs? What should you teach your son about sexuality, romance, and love? How should your son relate to the men in your life? What is a rites-of-passage? How do you know if you are doing a good job? How do you monitor your son’s progress toward college? What can you expect of your son while he is in college? Who do you want your son to be?

Above is just a sampling of the many critical questions that we provide direct answers to and/or provide you, the reader, with the space and direction to develop a planned approach of your own. With respect to the reader the book is specifically geared to mothers—both married and single—of all African American boys including those that have had their share of challenges in school, with the law and the like and those that appear to be on the right track. In either case concerning African American boys, we can never let our guard down; we must be in a constant state of vigilance, PLANNING, and action.